Signs Your Water Heater Needs Attention


5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Professional Help

Your water heater plays a crucial role in your home, providing hot water for various daily activities. However, like any other appliance, it can experience issues over time.

To help you identify potential problems and prevent costly repairs, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the signs your water heater needs attention. Read on to ensure your water heater is in optimal condition and to learn about Purpose Plumbing's professional services.

1. Inconsistent Water Temperature

One of the most common signs that your water heater requires attention is inconsistent water temperature. If you notice fluctuations between hot and cold water during a shower or while using hot water in other areas of your home, it may indicate a malfunctioning heating element or a faulty thermostat.

Consider contacting Purpose Plumbing to diagnose and resolve the issue promptly.

2. Strange Noises

Unusual noises emanating from your water heater can be an indication of sediment buildup or a malfunctioning heating element. If you hear popping, cracking, or rumbling sounds, it's essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage.

Purpose Plumbing can flush out sediment and provide professional maintenance to ensure your water heater operates efficiently.

3. Leaks and Water Pooling:

Water pooling around your water heater or visible leaks are clear signs that attention is needed.

Leaks can be caused by a variety of issues, such as:

  • A faulty pressure relief valve
  • A cracked tank
  • Or loose connections

Ignoring leaks can lead to water damage and increased utility bills. Contact Purpose Plumbing to identify the source of the leak and provide the necessary repairs or replacement.

4. Rusty or Discolored Water

If you notice rusty or discolored water when using hot water, it may indicate corrosion within your water heater. This can occur due to sediment buildup or a deteriorating tank.

Rusty water can be harmful to your health and cause damage to your plumbing system. Purpose Plumbing can inspect your water heater, determine the cause of the discoloration, and recommend appropriate solutions.

5. Age of the Water Heater

Lastly, the age of your water heater is a significant factor in determining whether it needs attention. On average, water heaters have a lifespan of 8-12 years.

If your water heater is nearing or surpassing this age range, it's advisable to have it inspected by Purpose Plumbing. They can assess its condition, provide maintenance, or recommend a replacement if necessary.

Contact Purpose Plumbing Today

By being aware of the signs your water heater needs attention, you can take proactive steps to prevent potential issues and ensure the longevity of your appliance. Purpose Plumbing offers professional services to address any water heater problems you may encounter.

Don't hesitate to contact our experienced team for expert assistance today!

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